LDA secures over 390 apartments in Adamstown

  • A-rated cost rental apartments being delivered in partnership with Quintain Ireland
  • Construction due to be completed in 2026

The Land Development Agency (LDA) has agreed to purchase 392 apartments being built by Quintain Ireland at The Crossings, Adamstown in west Dublin. 

The scheme consists of 9 studios, 189 one-bedroom apartments, 185 two-bedroom apartments and 9 three-bedroom apartments across 3 blocks ranging in height from 5 to 9 storeys. 

The LDA apartments are under construction and are due to be fully completed by 2026. They will then be rented to eligible households on a cost rental basis by the Agency.   

The LDA apartments form part of the third phase of The Crossings at Adamstown. Quintain launched The Crossings, an urban village and retail centre, in September 2023 and the new development serves as the central core of the Adamstown Strategic Development Zone. 

A social, community and retail hub, The Crossings will ultimately include 1,000 apartments and a wide range of shops and services. A total of 279 apartments have already been delivered by Quintain in The Crossings with a further 176 due to completed in June. The development also features an urban park spread out over 2-acres with amenities including a 14-metre play train, soft play trails, biodiversity corridors, a large plaza space and outdoor seating.  

Adamstown is one of Dublin’s fastest growing suburbs. Quintain Ireland has delivered 1,800 homes in the area so far, making it the largest of the developers in this new suburb, which is expected to have 8,000 homes completed by 2027. Over 4,000 homes in total have already been delivered by developers in Adamstown with funding of over €1bn invested to date. 

The new apartments have been secured under the LDA’s Project Tosaigh initiative, whereby the agency steps in to provide the financial commitment needed to kick-start stalled or unviable housing projects. The LDA then makes the new homes available to renters on a cost rental basis or to purchasers at an affordable cost.

In this case, all the homes involved are going to be cost rental. This is the first time that the LDA and Quintain have worked together as part of Project Tosaigh. The development is being financed by AIB and the LDA will purchase the apartments on completion. 

To be eligible for cost rental housing an individual or household must meet a number of criteria. Their net household income must be below €66,000 per annum for applicants for homes in Dublin or €59,000 per annum for those outside Dublin. 

The LDA is in the process of delivering 8,000 Project Tosaigh homes by 2028. To date, the Agency has already agreed terms for over 3,000 Project Tosaigh homes with some already occupied and others under construction. 

The 392 cost rental units being built by Quintain in Adamstown form part of a larger 436-unit development with the remaining 44 apartments allocated to Part V social housing. All of the apartments will be A-rated and built to a high standard. The development is located in the heart of Adamstown near to schools, community amenities and shops including The Crossings Urban Retail Village, which features a Tesco and an Aldi store in addition to a number of other outlets. 

John Coleman, chief executive of the LDA said: “We are delighted to announce the purchase of 392 homes in Adamstown through our Project Tosaigh initiative. These cost rental apartments are being delivered in partnership with Quintain and once completed, will be made available to eligible households at rents that will be significantly below market rates. This will give eligible households a great opportunity to access a newly built and affordable rental home with security of tenure in a rapidly developing and well-serviced Dublin suburb.” 

Michael Hynes, Chief Executive of Quintain said: “We are excited to partner with the LDA on this apartment development, which we are delivering with finance supplied by AIB. We

believe this development will add greatly to the new village centre we have created at the heart of Adamstown. At Quintain, we seek to deliver new communities in addition to new homes and this is a vision we share with the LDA. Adamstown is well served by transport links, community facilities and new schools, so we are looking forward to completing the apartments for the LDA and welcoming yet more residents to this rapidly growing area.”